Museum Sketching Workshop

Format: In-person classes in various museums

Artist-instructor: Oded Arad

Location: Various state museums in Berlin. See list below

Cost: 30€ per class (inc. VAT)

Does not include museum admission or drawing supplies.

Dates: October 29, November 5, November 12, November 19, November 26, 2023
Time: Sundays, 12:00-14:00

          Workshop Bundle: 5x classes
          Cost: 130€ (inc. VAT)

Museum ticket: Not included in price. Please buy your tickets online, in advance, HERE.

Meeting Point: In front of the ticket counter. Put your coats and bags in the wardrobe before joining the group at the meeting point. Please be punctual.

Materials: View the SUPPLY LIST here.

What to Expect:

Join us for a captivating and immersive Museum Sketchbook Workshop, where we will explore the fascinating world of art through the lens of drawing. Our workshops are designed to take you on a journey through the rich tapestry of artistic expression found in Berlin’s renowned museums.

Each class is carefully curated with a specific focus, allowing you to delve deep into the art and develop intimate relationships with selected artworks and artists. As Picasso once said, “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” In our workshops, you will steal inspiration from the greats to fuel your own artistic practice.

Each of our museum excursions offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of art through the lens of pencils and pens. These classic drawing tools allow you to capture the fine details, shading, and shapes of the artworks in each museum in a very special way. We look forward to welcoming you to our workshop as you deepen your drawing skills and continue your artistic journey through Berlin.

Class 1 (Oct 29): Gemäldegalerie

Matthäikirchplatz · 10785 Berlin

The Elegance of Light and Color: Dive into the world of Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces as we explore the Gemäldegalerie. Through your drawings, pay special attention to the masterful use of light and color in these iconic works of art. Visitor Info

Class 2 (Nov 5): Hamburger Bahnhof 

Invalidenstraße 50 – 51 · 10557 Berlin

Contemporary Inspiration: At the Hamburger Bahnhof, immerse yourself in the realm of contemporary art. Experiment with various drawing techniques and styles to interpret abstract and conceptual art on display, letting your creativity flow freely. Visitor Info

Class 3 (Nov 12): Museum für Naturkunde

Nature’s Artistry: Step into the Naturkundemuseum (Museum of Natural History) and explore the wonders of the natural world. Sketch the diverse array of animals, fossils, and geological formations, meticulously studying the intricate details of nature’s designs. Visitor Info

Class 4 (Nov 19): Friedrichswerdersche Kirche

Werderscher Markt · 10117 Berlin (FREE ENTRY)

Capturing Classical Beauty: This unique museum, nestled within a historic church, is dedicated to the works of Johann Gottfried Schadow, a German Romantic sculptor. Visitor Info

Class 5 (Nov 26) : Humbolt Forum 

Schlossplatz · 10178 Berlin (FREE ENTRY)

The Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst are two of a total of 15 collections which together make up the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Spread over more than 17,000 square meters on the second and third floors of the Humboldt Forum, the museums presents objects from their archaeological, ethnological and art-historical collections.

About Your Instructor:

Oded Arad is an Israeli artist, living and working from Berlin. He is an MFA graduate of Hito Steyerl’s class at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK). The media he uses vary from painting, drawings, an experimental film that he writes, produces and directs. His works are mainly concerned with the themes of memory, the grotesque and humor, and have been exhibited in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Israel. Oded is currently working on graphic novel.

During his workshops he wants to discover together with his students their specific way of expressing themselves, or the way they see the world.