Artist-Instructors: Oded Arad

Format: In-person. Changing outdoor locations throughout Berlin, accessible by public transportation.

Language: English

Date: August 11-13,2023
3x 10:00-13:00

Cost: 135€ (includes 19% VAT)

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What to Expect:

Have you always wanted to be able to keep a sketchbook while traveling? To preserve memories in a more personal way? With this in depth weekend workshop you will learn all the tools and tricks of the trade to find your own style and create your personal travel sketchbook.

Capture your impressions and experiences through drawing and watercolor. Join us for a weekend of urban landscape sketching discovering hidden corners of the city!

The practice of keeping a travel journal was once a necessity for artists to record their observations, before we all walked around with a high res camera on our smartphones. Sketching in-situ, however, can record an experience in time and space in a way that photography cannot. By focusing on the process itself, we are creating memories and personal expression.

Explore Berlin and its variety of urban landscapes and landmarks as a way to learn various sketching techniques. Live step by step demos and individual tutoring take place during every step of the process there to help you find your own sketching style and voice

Learn how to analyzing various subject and viewpoints in order to choose an approach that best suits its depiction. Discover ways to render space and light effects using watercolor and mixed-media drawing techniques.

August 11: Museum Island

  • Will be dedicated to exploring architectural constructions. We will discuss perspective and how it influences geometrical shapes such as squares and circles. Some measuring techniques will be taught.

August 12: Grünewald

  • We will meet up in the forest of Berlin (Grünewald) and will try to focus on making sense out of the wild and chaotic shapes of nature.

August 13: Nikoaviertel

  • On the last day we will meet in “Nikolaivertel” and incorporate all the skills from the last two days using mainly watercolor.


About Your Instructor:

Oded Arad is an Israeli artist, living and working from Berlin. He is an MFA graduate of Hito Steyerl’s class at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK). The media he uses vary from painting, drawings, an experimental film that he writes, produces and directs. His works are mainly concerned with the themes of memory, the grotesque and humor, and have been exhibited in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Israel. Oded is currently working on graphic novel.

During his workshops he wants to discover together with his students their specific way of expressing themselves, or the way they see the world.