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Drawing Water Workshop

with Klara Hobza (artist, drawing instructor and expert scuba diver)

Immerse yourself in deep observation and self-expression through the process of drawing water in motion. Explore how observational drawing can lead to abstract imagery by focusing on the unique qualities of water such as movement, rhythm and texture.

After an introduction to water images spanning from Japanese masters to contemporary artists, we will exercise basic drawing techniques that help us depict water in movement and water as a reflective surface.

We will apply a mixed-media drawing approach, layering line drawing with liquid ink brush and charcoal. Out in the field we will practice both quick motion studies and multi layered long studies. The observational and immersive techniques acquired will prove valuable in the process of understanding the craft of making images.

1x Friday in the studio, 6-9 pm
2x Outdoor location, 10-1pm

Cost: 107€*

Plus 17€ Materials Fee to be paid in cash to the instructor. Includes a ‘plein air drawing kit’ consisting of a A4 Drawing Paper Block, Portfolio Folder, Waterbrush, Chinese Ink, Willow Charcoal.

*includes 19% VAT

  • View drawing made during last year’s workshop: LINK

  • Read interview with Klara Hobza about her passion for water, drawing and teaching: LINK